The False Start

2014 is here. We wished away the last year by having a bonfire in my mate Gavin's back yard whilst sipping cans and dodging the rain. We then played that game where you stick a piece of paper on your head and work out who you've got. I was Boy George. Obviously.

Here are some photos of 2014 so far. I'm calling this a false start to the year, because, really, I've not been able to do anything at all as I've been in the throes of what seems like two weeks worth of night shifts installing the new windows at work. I will hopefully come through this weekend minus the insomnia, the spotty skin, and dodgy beard. Knowing my luck, this will almost certainly not happen.

Hold on to your butts.

Potter - about to chat about Quarter Life Crisis on the radio:
 Recording it for the new film 'Where We Are Now':
 The Belle and Dragon in Godalming - lovely!
 Godalming pills - like ecstasy, only more posh:
 Choice - indeed.
 Working nights:
 Sound proofing woes:
 Posh boy Barnett:
 A message from Michael:
 Snap chat with the baby:
 Potter's timely snapchat:
 That game:
 That dog:
 My Secrets of the Living Dolls homage:
 The final supper of the current incumbent in Damien Court - see you later Stephanie Johns:
 Birthday for the binary baby:
 Still standing:

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