IT IS JANUARY - An Update With Love

Its January! That means its a new year! It usually means I'm really poor! And guess what! February is coming! The Wretched Month! OMG! Faithful Reader, welcome to this journey through the month that was.

First up - the Where We Are Now trailer. I hope you enjoy. What's the last thing you remember?

In Capaldi we trust. New costume for a new Doctor Who - and I like it. Best part? Evoking Third Doctor Jon Pertwee - I NEED A HERO.
 STUDIOGRABDOWN - When I say Whitechapel is about to become the SGD HUB - I'm not lying #WECAN #WEMUST #FORLIFE
 Throwback! Little and large?
 My favourite corridor inside of where I work:
 Look how cool it is:
 The Truth:
 The Gaylord! It exists! I saw it! For real! In Clapham!
Returned to Surrey briefly:
Visiting the Tate Britain and the alien trees outside:
A view from Tate Modern. Better than the Paul Klee exhibition (GET ME)
Days of Future Cracks From the Past:
Clare gets turned into Gareth Pugh:
An installation! In a window! By the fabulous Bethan Laura Wood!
The night it went mental:
Shots by Oscar:
Benedict's party:
View from my new bedroom:
The Natural History museum - the perfect place to aimlessly wander when you don't know what to do on your day off.
For Life:
Where We Are Now Selfie:
Light detail:
Behind the scenes installing the marvellous Agi Haines window display at Selfridges:
Emily photobombs:
Shar and her giant piece of sound proofing. We were all wondering what she was going to do with it too.
The Pet in window six - approach with caution:
Nancy Fouts bloody marvellous window installation for Festival of Imagination:
Rolf Sachs ingenious light up mobile:
More Pet:
Predator style heat detector:
The Amhurst Road Cafe - #AUTHENTICITY:
The small bath I almost choked on.
Hackney! Loves ironing!
For Life:
Tate Modern (how Modern)
Getting ideas. Did someone mention the STUDIOGRABDOWN MACHINE?
Poppy and I post two weeks of night shifts, instagram filter REQUIRED:
I interview Poppy for Where We Are Now - the sequel to Growing Pains.
View from Josh's flat:
Josh being fabulous at Madonna's party. Louise Gray was there too.
The techno Igloo installation in window nineteen:
Did someone say the need an angle grinder? I have one. Yes I do:
Steph's sister's birthday at the Light:
One Directioners:
Organiser of fun:
Good luck Amy Fox:
Pentons - VM standard:
Snap chat with the baby:
Snap chatting with Potter:
Quizz up with Poppy French:
VERTU'S fabulous window installation:
Where We Are Now selfie:
The stray I wanted to foster:
Neighbourhood watch:
Poppy's Selfie:
Selfie 3:
Will being interrogated for Where We Are Now - green screen optional:

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