Making the Selfridges Christmas Windows 2013 #DestinationChristmas

Hello Faithful Reader. I'm hoping to get through lots of blogging this afternoon to tidy up after myself in readiness for 2014. Unbelievably, I still haven't posted my usual behind the scenes blog about the last set of Selfridges windows we made - so here it is at last.

This year, Christmas was both MASSIVE and tiny. The brief was ambitious: giant replicas of exclusive product sat amongst vast snowscapes, miniature forests of christmas tress and hundreds of miniature Father Christmases, elves, penguins and reindeers. 
In June, we set about putting together a mock Christmas window with all the elements we would need to source - and it looked something like this:
From this mock up we were able to plan how we would exact this model across 22 windows around the whole store.
The miniature elements were a combination of sourced pre-existing models, interspersed with hand made miniatures built by our very own hands - I was finally able to put my years of model making from foundation and university into good use - constructing 1:22 scale ticket booths, sheds, satellite dishes, balloons, snowmen and crates. 
The ticket booth takes shape for the penguin window:
Booth, fence, snowman, and flags.
Over 500 1:22 snowmen were needed across all of the windows, so we set to work early on to churn these out in some serious craft making workshop sessions!
Hats, scarfs buttons and arms attached:
Clare's lovely miniature hay bale:
The handmade igloos take shape:
The biggest challenge of putting these windows together was the many separate elements which needed to come together, like the most complicated, logical puzzle you could ever attempt. This is the rail track for the model train, which had to be constructed first, covered with the snow solution, then reassembled in the window.
Clare testing out the parachutes for the Kenzo window:
A little extra curricular work back home - constructing the satellite dish for the Kenzo runway:
Hand painting the electricity pylons:
The finished dish:
Checking the snowscapes under construction in Bristol:
The wax solution used to cover the poly sculpts:
Snow balls!
Checking out the builds:
Clare's carrots:
The painted and snowed up pylons ready for the windows:
Putting together over 600 miniature presents for use across all the windows - half of them with bows:
The install begins - the windows are wrapped and it takes us 8 nights to install these extraordinary windows:
Walls and snowscapes are installed first:
Lights are suspended:
Christmas takeover of the store:
Dust masks a necessity with all the fake snow:
Full snow suits required, to protect our skin and clothes and to make sure we don't mark or contaminate the snowscapes:
Fornasetti window is the first to be finished:
Penguin placement:
Some of the install team!
Home time:
Poppy French gets involved!
The wrap comes down:
And after 8 nights we're finished!

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