Selfridges Bright Young Things - Window Displays London Oxford Street

Faithful Reader! The nights are over, and once again we can enjoy the fruits of our labours. This September, we've welcomed 15 brand new Bright Young Things to Selfridges. The last two months have been devoted to carefully planning and guiding the individual designers as they come to grips with working in our 100 year old windows spaces, and on Friday, these extraordinary installations were unveiled to the public along Oxford Street.
Included here are a selection of pictures I took over the four dedicated night shifts - as ever, click on the images for bigger versions. 

1. Sadie Williams - Womenswear:
2. The Pound Shop - Collective:
The Pound Shop team working hard meticulously placing all of their prop elements:
3. Clementine Keith-Roach - Set Designer:
Clementine's window before the vinyl is applied:
Shots taken from inside the window:
The vinyl wrap is removed from Alan Taylor's window:
4. Alan Taylor - Menswear:
5. Anna Lomax - Set Designer:
Anna inside her window on the final night of install carrying out some finishing touches:
Windows' team member Clare lends a helping hand:
6. AVM Curiosities - Food:
7. Grace Hamilton - Accessories:
Grace's giant necklace arrives at Selfridges:
It was quite a challenge to get the giant necklace into the window....
8. Eleanor Davies - Artist:
Eleanor outside her window just as the wrap comes down:
9. Katy Beveridge - Animation:
10. Cari Marsden / The Co Project - Accessories:
11. Daniel Pollitt - Womenswear:
Daniel's mannequins before their covers are removed:
12. Hiroaki Kanai - Menswear:
13. Yeashin Kim - Womenswear:
14. Keeley Hunter - Millinery:
15. Sarah Williams - Accessories:
Putting together the obligatory line up window - spot the odd ones out:

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