Faithful Reader - how is it September already? It can only mean one thing: February is coming - the Wretched Month - the month when things are over. Must start planning about not being here during February. First things first:
A small tease from the sitting I gave with the fantastic photographer Oscar Nao site. More to come, soon.
One of our brand windows for the launch of Charlotte Tilbury's new make up range by the very talented bunch from StudioXag.
Some proofs and tests from Go Visual for #theexhibition which is brewing - Alice Glass:
Simon Draper (YES MATE):
And Poppy French (we're holding this one back from the site - this is a makemeaoffer exclusive!)
Kodaks - #believeinfilm
The lovely Eleanor Davies, Anna Lomax and Sadie Williams at the BYT launch drinks at Selfridges:
And a man does his best to blend into Eleanor's window:
Checking in on Alex Noble's Kaleidoscopica exhibition at the Newcastle London Space:
Mannequin madness:
Phones for you:
We've got a new resident at the Damien Court abode:
She bought lots of stuff:
We had drinks to welcome her, obviously:
Dance Tunnel:
Whitechapel Whiteread:
String vests on Whitechapel High st.
Horse Meat Scandal:
Heron Tower:
The best set of disposable camera prints I've ever got:
To appear on SGD soon:
#Work #Home #Out
Fashion monsters VM:
Moving mannequins first thing in the morning:
Waiting in line:
Sunday morning with Michael:
It died:
Father Michael and the Tree:
Watching Growing Pains on the big screen for the first time:
Cappucino moustachio:
Meeting the newest additional to the famille - baby Isobel:
Auntie Miriam:
Gok Wan:
New windows for I.T. H.K:
Bonsoir Paris take over on the Orchard Street windows gets some additional touches:
Zucchini? Courgette? Marrow?
Queueing for the Dazed LFW party #rain
Gary Card transformed the Selfridges shop floor into a space suitable for a VERY GOOD party:
Throwback - Salon Paradiso - one year on, perhaps its going to land soon?
Yesterday I saw MIA on Whitechapel High St. She wasn't buying a sheep, mind.
Facetimeing with Isobel, the baby.
Josh at the RVT:
James at the RVT:
Bourgeois and Maurice at the RVT:
And lots of sexy updates on the STUDIOGRABDOWN site this week - be sure to check them out #Work #Home #Out #BelieveInFilm