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In Capaldi We Trust.
Hi Faithful Reader. 
What a week its been. The Growing Pains trailer stormed the internet (sort of) and I've had lots of fantastic, encouraging feedback. Seeing as its Youtube's GEEK WEEK, there might be an extra treat in store...Keep your eyes peeled. I should really get my arse in gear and finish it though. I'm thinking about the ending a lot. Its hard work.
Work continues to be all about organising this years crop of Bright Young Things. Lots of logistical questions from the designers putting together their very special window installations. And we've got some pretty spectacular displays on the way. As you can see - flat mate Steph and I were both doing a bit of work at home this weekend. I've been flexing my model making skills. Perhaps its too much to say that this is for the Christmas windows this year.... 
Anyway, moving on. Bryan Singer released this picture of the new Sentinels from Days of Future Past.  They're not what I imagined - sort of wanted something more Gigeresque, but I like that its a real prop and not CGI for once. Talking of X-Men.....
I caught the Wolverine at the start of the week. Lots of exciting bits, but it didn't really feel like it belonged to the X-Men universe....until the end that is. #SQUEE #FAN.
 This was the view outside Richmix as I left. Theair felt heavy and everything had an orange hue cast over it.
Yesterday I saw Only God Forgives. Two cinema trips in one week - I mean REALLY. Basically, this is one of the most beautifully photographed films I've ever seen. Its also one of the most violent. OMG #Eyescene.
William Potter came to stay. Will was riding the Prudential Cycle ride from London to Surrey, like a complete nutter.
 He did it!
 We had a Tayabs in prepearation:
There was all the usual cheering and crying (mostly me) and it was a truly humbling site to behold - well done Potter!
I ventured to Murdocks London for a much needed beard trim. They twirled my moustache too.
 Art is Trash - this was all over East the other day.
 A Taxi graveyard in Bethnal Green:
My first Ramadan. Being a resident of Whitechapel, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get involved in the local Ramadan celebrations. We joined a group of friends and family for Iftar - the traditional breaking of the fast meal which is conducted after the sun has set. We ate at about 8:55pm the other day - the guys we joined had been fasting all day - no food or water allowed! I was amazed by their focus and dedication. We talked about Mosque etiquette. 
Lots of food was eaten:
 Carmen with sun hat. Can only mean one thing. We're counting down the days #SOB.
Saturday views:

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