Selfridges Denim Studio - #DenimLovers Window Displays Oxford Street

Faithful Reader! The new Denim Studio has launched at Selfridges, and with it, our new summer window displays. Each window is devoted to a Denim Tribe - which tribe do you belong too? These windows are an eclectic collection of detailed editorial scenarios, and brilliantly exemplify the fantastic collaboration between the in-house fashion and prop styling teams.

Check our the pictures below and click on them for bigger versions. I would seriously recommend getting down to the store to check these ones out for real - some of the finer details are best seen through the glass!

Fashion Fanatic:
Super Skinny:
Workwearer Man:
Tough Lover:
Tom Boy:
Workwearer Woman:

Super Skinny Man:

Tough Lover Woman:

The giant display window on the corner of Orchard and Oxford Street houses a recreation of the #DeminLovers photo shoot from the Old Selfridges Hotel:

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