July - An Update with Love

Faithful Reader! Gosh its been busy. Busy and hot. So hot that my poor flatmates have seen me in my pants more than I'm sure they'd appreciate. And who can say what that man opposite could see of me on the balcony. Anyway, it would seem summer is over now, and already my tan is fast fading. God I love a tan.

First things first. Its almost here. No, not the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. No, not X: Men Days of Future Past. No, not ARTPOP. My film - GROWING PAINS. Here is the latest trailer. I hope you enjoy.
Growing Pains explores the lives of four 25 year olds over the course of a year whilst they experience their day to day lives, their woes, their worries and their hopes for the future.

Being 25 seems like such a strange time in someones life; not quite an adult, no longer a youth.

This film deals with the survival strategies employed by these four people to get them through being a 25 years old, and the so-called 'Quarter Life Crisis.'

Moving on. Lots of eyes in Bow:
Up to my knees in Christmas at work - dressing trees in my shorts and vest:
Waking up to Rihanna before LOVEBOX:
Checking myself in to the SANATORIUM at Whitechapel Gallery for some much needed therapy. Did the secret in a bottle test. God help the person who read mine aloud.
William Potter, aka The Quiff is Dead, aka Occasional Geek had his 25th birthday last week. We checked out Shake Shack and he showed me in his Forbidden Planet purchases - WELCOME TO YOUR QUARTER LIFE CRISIS:
The Royal Baby Window at Selfridges - being put together:
Vinyl ticketing applied:
Corgis ribboned and bowed:
The finished article:
Adding some way finding - CLARE:
With added BOY:
LOVEBOX on film - the chair swings - STUDIOGRABDOWN gold!
Checking out Alex Noble's installation atop of the viewing platform at CSM Kings X
The Dalston Rio:
Friday night: Some random boyz who I took a photo of for no apparent reason other than probably the most obvious.
Saturday morning: Waking up not in the best state to be confronted by a Special Weapons Dalek at the BFI's Doctor Who @ 50 event - Remembrance of the Daleks was the order of the day, vintage 1988 Doctor Who with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred - diamond!
The GEEK deluge continued when William came over to mine on Sunday afternoon to record the Occasional Geek Test (check the post below):
CCTV catching me and B - DYE buying a salad (YES SALAD) from Mac Donalds.
On Monday, I checked into the RICH MIX for an X-Men fix - The Wolverine. A good film, I think, with an amazing fight scene on the bullet train, and probably the most pant wettingly awesome post credits scene setting up DAYS OF FUTURE PAST very nicely indeed. Wolverine is not my favourite X-Man though. That would be Mystique.
Rich Mix views:
Giant Crane (loves)
Instagrammed whilst sleeping (well its gone on every other site I have, why not here)
The Sentinels are coming:
Here are some nice teaser shot from Growing Pains:
And probably my favourite STUDIOGRABDOWN picture - yet:
LOVEBOX realness:
And I found this one the other day - #favourite 
Me with long hair - #ReinventionTour
Don't forget to check out http://www.studiograbdown.com/ AND http://studiograbdown.tumblr.com/



When William Potter invited me to appear in one of his infamous YOUTUBE videos, how could I resist?
 There was one condition, that I could share with you all a new trailer for the film I'm making about what is being described as the Quarter Life Crisis. 

I hope you enjoy. I'll post just the trailer tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

And remember, 'How we live measures our own nature.'




Faithful Reader! I can only apologise for how long its been. A combination of night shifts, beautiful weather, GROWING PAINS, STUDIOGRABDOWN and the Ministry of Sound has meant that MAKEMEAOFFER was put on the back burner since the beginning of June. But fear not - now that this back log of diary moments has been published, the posts will keep coming thick and fast for the rest of the summer. 


There is so much to share with you this time round that this is going to be more like a diary entry - get from these pictures what you will. As ever, click on them for bigger versions. 

NIGHT OUT with William Potter aka @thequiffisdead, aka http://cargocollective.com/newtypedesign and the gang from @RegularFeatures at Mad in Soho for a live podcast of all things bloke:
NIGHT OUT in the Star in Guildford with the boyz:
Interviewing Miriam https://www.facebook.com/MiriamBarnettHairMakeup for GROWING PAINS https://vimeo.com/68165528
NIGHT OUT with Josh at the George and Dragon:
Carmen Ho scrubs the walls during a much needed renovation of The Abode (this week: NEW FLOORS)
Carmen makes Sushi:
Finished Sushi:
Ridley Road Market of an evening - desolation:
The new Alternative Guide to the Universe exhibition at the Hayward Gallery - dense, but with lots of funny nuggets!
Who knew the Hayward Gallery bar had a happy hour on Fridays? The new hang out!
Gathering archive material for STUDIOGRABDOWN (Big in Paris, Poplar and Poland - probably!)
Guildford Tunnel:
Moons and Woods in the Star:
On Thursday this week, I help install and set dress a party at Ministry of Sound for the Metro newspaper:
Set designer Stephanie Johns came up with this marvellous neon string/black light install which recreated a laser light show:
BBQ of an evening (SPOT POPPY FRENCH) - http://poppyfrench.com
Ministry of Sound - at 7:00am
More lasers: 
Disposable splurge at Boots - well if they are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE:
Part of the Ministry install for Metro:
More Ridley Road:
For the first time one of our lovely windows is smashed - headaches all round!
Sunbathing on Bricklane:
DLR sunset:
The incredible sight of about ten men lifting the new glass back into position:
The furry shark is sent packing:
William Potter enjoys BEST KEBABS:
Shooting with The Bow Bells blog http://thebowbells.com/
Getting lost in North London:
Checking ou Dieter Roth's impressive catalogue at the Camden Arts Centre:
I love this space:
Hard hats required:
Birthday balloons at Victoria's birthday:
Hayward Happy Hour on Hinstagram:
My tribal DNA according to Channel 4 - CRINGE:

Drinks at Mad:
Taking the straight man to the gay club to see some rimming live on stage:
Oh yes we did:
He was in shock afterwards:
Denim craziness at work!
Libertys' Royal Baby window:
I am versed in SNAPCHAT etiquete: 
Keep on editing GROWING PAINS:
Carmen Ho:
BOLT ACTION FIVE! Tree Friend, Tree Foe - wonderful!
Not Amanda or Lindsay - RYLOS:
Kate and James:
Chris Levine in the windows:
The Key to Time season of Doctor Who - the last stories from the classic series that I've never seen. Half way through - have just reached the Androids of Tara. Stones of Blood was amazing.
Goldfrapp have a new album - SOON!
I'm going to get all CSM PVT VIEW now - these were the best bits from the evening:
Performance: Design and Practise course:
On Friday, the windows team carried out a COMP SHOP #HARVEYNICS
Checking out the Serpentines summer pavilion:
Last nights house party. GOSH.
End - PHEW. Now lets get back in the sun, shall we?