Faithful Reader - right this second I'm doing my best Stella Gibson impression from the Fall - literally laid out on my bed in a sort of starfish shape typing this with my elbows (honestly).  I'm once again installing new windows at work. Unusually, I'm doing this half in the night time, half in the day time - 4:00am wake up calls. The streets of London are full of haulage lorries, people with plastic bags and secret rainbows (like this morning). 4:00am London is a strange place indeed:
Over the weekend, I returned to the homeland...
 ...for this lady's birthday:
Checking out the Visual Studio where things like this are usually hanging out:
Also on Saturday, I continued my secret celebration of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary by attending the BFI's Doctor Who@50 event - this time, a screening of the Colin Baker story from 1985 'The Two Doctors' - notorious for its bad taste depiction of mutilation, acid burns, cannibalism and stabbings.
Still not over the thrill of seeing old Doctor Who on the big screen yet. I seem to have missed out on tickets yet again for next months screening, but I'm hopeful!
As we said goodbye to our Bowie installation, the store suffered a smash and grab - although it was business as usual the following day:
Kylie was there to show her support:
Elsewhere, the new Growing Pains trailer went down a treat. I'm beavering away at it. Its hard. But I hope it will be good:
Poppy French had this to say about her brief appearance: 
I went on an adult swing:
The people got filthy on Brick Lane:
 For one night only, I wore a blazer and actually looked SMART:
Behaving semi-respectably in Grosvenor Square:
 And its always nice to end on a scheme tease. So here it is. And its for Christmas, FYI:
 Summer 2013 - where are you?

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