Faithful Reader! What a mental couple of weeks I've had. In between working crazy shifts at work installing our new Denim windows (Launched today! Check them out! I promise photos tomorrow!), I've been to Denim partys, Geek fests, private views, live rimming (ahem) and interviewing the FOUR PEOPLE with ONE PROBLEM and NO ANSWER for GROWING PAINS. William Potter wore this nice shirt for his one:
But perhaps most significant of all is the regeneration of STUDIOGRABDOWN, the creative partnership I share with POPPY FRENCH.


 Now in its first year, SGD returns with a new look and a new emphasis - digital images have been banished from the site, and you'll find ABSOLUTELY NO MORE FASHION (unless we really like it). We've decided its time to reveal to the world our true photographic passion, opening up a back catalogue spanning over ten years worth of disposable camera LOVE. 

We've deemed the best way to digest this wealth of material is to categorise it into three branches - 


Initially we shall be updating the site daily with a new batch of photos in each section. We hope that this is going to lead to something fabulous - but for now, I hope you can get as as much enjoyment in seeing some of these photos online (some for the first time!) as we do. 

Spread the word, share the wealth, Pinterest them, Tweet then, Facebook them - 



  **And when I say listen out for our first podcast - I'M NOT LYING. 

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