Faithful reader - this week was bookended by Poppy French being drunk and screaming, 'F**K IT'.

So lets begin. 

Selfridges Says Wear Florals To Chelsea. So we did.
Our Chelsea experience was a mixed bag to be honest. In between dodging the elderly people passing out all over the place (yes, really - they don't tell you that in the programme) we spent a lot of the time wandering around looking for seats - next year they definitely need to be sponsored by a picnic bench brand. There was, however, a very jolly atmosphere. It must have been the Pimms.
The giant Marc Quinn sculpture. I did wonder if he'd just painted over the one which had been in the window two Christmas's ago.
Lord of the Rings:
Poppy amongst the florals
This was quite neat - a garden which revealed itself when you tweeted at it:
Loved this installation - an uprooted tree in its entirety suspended and seemingly floating.
This was a brilliant set up too - winning a bronze award from the event organisers - a tube train with a garden growing inside:
Sustainable farming with the University of Nottingham, looking into hydroponics and vertical farming methods:
Afterwards, Hannah Jerrom joined us for a civilised evening down at the RVT (the civilised bit is definitely a lie)
The following day was Poppy's Birthday - it was nice. We sat in the sun:
That evening, we frequented the George and Dragon for an evening of Celine:
We all remembered how fabulous this song was:
On Tuesday, Clare, Morag and I braved the rain and made our way around Kempton Market buying props for our new Denim scheme at work - exciting!
Some styling details for one of the windows - seriously:
Meanwhile, editing on the film is going well. I'd say about 8 minutes is done in total. Here is William showing off his light sabre:
This weekend has been a mad one for photography. Hannah Jerrom shared these gems last night - lots of limbs in action at Stephs birthday in April:
We tried to find you James Morgan - where were you?
Last night - before the Nelsons Head, somewhere after Pizza Express:
Matt Smith has announced he is leaving Doctor Who - time for another regeneration. I hope it looks more like this 1984 regeneration from Peter Davison into Colin Baker. EPIC.
George, definitely doing all of the above:
Poppy French, with photos for a special submission. #NAKED
A birthday disposable with William Potter from the Dance Tunnel:
And Hannah and James being uncivil in the RVT:
Carmen's little bottle of viper. Nice:


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