Faithful Reader! The twin and I are about to turn 25. I'd say you were all invited, but alas, my modest abode in Whitechapel is all but the size of an over indulgent airing cupboard.

The last couple of weeks since the new windows at work launched have been consistently busy - lots of sights seen, lots of new projects finished and many lovely photographs to share. May is the season for Birthdays it seems, so where better place to start than in the Dolphin for one B Dyes birthday from last week. We might have been drunk - I can't remember. As ever, click on the pics for bigger versions.

PEACE in the Dolphin with C Testar:
Is this a scheme tease? These are not my legs.
DIY birthday cards are the best. PERIOD:
 BRANDBARNETT in a very important Witches hat. And that is all.
 This week saw me working with flatmate Steph J at her job doing some set dressing for a Stylist party - fluro!
 Papped by my brother who happened to be walking past me and C Testar fixing lights during our morning maintenance rounds - #WINDOWSINMOTION
 James, Windows (my new name?)
 Rebecca rides a (BLUE) horse - #SCHEMETEASE!
 The Studio - today:
 Chris Mullins - quite my favourite:
 A screen I found belonging to Michael:
 More set dressing from the Stylist party:
 Fluro chic:
 Sun shining on Shadwell:
 Shall I make this my obligatory comment about Doctor Who? Well, I have to say I'm disappointed by this series so far. Something has not been right. I've got a bad feeling about the Cyberman episode and I'm more than slightly annoyed that no old Doctors will be in the anniversary, but hey ho.
 Ben and Chris in the Red Lion:
 David Bowie has moved in:
 How's this for a scheme tease? Allocating windows for the next project at work - exciting!
 B Dye's birthday:
 TARDIS in Grosvenor Square:
 A pizza which I could have sworn was carried out by pull bearers:
 James and Clare at work - in fact, this post is going to turn momentarily wig focussed:
 A bad wig at Westfield:
 Trying to find wigs with Hannah Jerrom last week for another freelance job:
 Agent Provocateur's latest window scheme at their Soho store - wonderful!
 Me and Hannah making wigs - yes, really:
 A Shepherds Bush window display:
 Prada have launched!

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