Faithful Reader - its Bank Holiday, but where is the promised sun? Instead Surrey looks like its teetering on the edge of a deluge. Whilst I await said storm, I thought I would at last share with you another recent set of disposables that I've been holding close to my chest. Hopefully you will find as much enjoyment in them as I do. Click on each Picture for bigger versions.

Amsterdam's Red Light District:
The most amazing crane I've ever seen in the shipping district of north Amsterdam. The next two pictures are me trying to fit it all into one shot.
 Crane love:
Karl Lagerfeld in Amsterdam:
The biggest building ever:
Dolls in Holland:
Living in a shipping yard:
The gay cinema shop:
Me, Will and Daniel Farr's cap:
An Easter Island Head in Amsterdam:
Back in London, with the nephew - in that car park behind the foundry.
Damien Street:
Checking the lights work:
Hannah Jerrom and Africa:
LIFE for a birthday.
Hand gestures:
Tree - still standing.
The whole of team Visual - an epic disposable.
Team Production #WINDOWS:
Giant Tilda Swinton:
Poppy French in the sun:
Behind the scenes of the Seasonal Commandments windows - Hannah Jerrom in action!

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