Making The Seasonal Commandments' Window Displays

Faithful Reader! The sun is shining and the Barbs are tanning nicely. Here is a small selection of behind the scenes photographs I took whilst these windows were in production. I shall try and annotate with useful descriptions wherever possible. As ever, click on each pic for larger versions.

Prepping the armies: Barbie readies herself for her windows moment.
Dressing the opera gloves onto the white hands for the Glyndebourne window:
The Shoe Carnival is deinstalled, and the new windows start to take shape. Walls and floors are painted and dropped  first:
Our Grunge window is to be wallpapered in a very specific way, so a small maquette of the window was produced by the windows team for the decorators to follow:
Wallpaper detail:
Drapes are hung in Glyndebourne window:
Orange hues for the Carnival window:
Purple grass for Chelsea Flower Show:
Perspex with gold vinyl details for the City of London window:
Prepping more carpet floor for Duke St. windows:
Invites are mounted:
Tyres are attached:
Secret hooks!:
Paint effect guidelines for the scenic artist in charge of painting our Ascot window:
And the finished result:
Flowers prepped:
Pride taking shape:
Hay shapes suspended:
Lovebox lights are hung:
Attaching the oars - spirit levels, rulers, pencil, drills and a steady hand required:
Hanging the drapes:
Giant tassels!
The hands await their placement:
Gnomes adorned in hand painted illustrations by Alex Noble:
The wrap is removed on the final night:
Final styling flourishes:

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