Faithful Reader - its been too long. So where were we: Postcards from May? Ah yes - its happened. The twin and I turned 25. And what a birthday we had. As is tradition following the annual blowout, Miriam and ran away from the reality of the encroaching years to some hot place in Europe - this time, Malta - on the continent in time for Eurovision (Netherlands were robbed). 

Lots of pictures to share with you from the last couple of weeks, and as ever, click on the pics for bigger versions (if you should want to)

Lets start with right now. So from today - grooming in motion:
My newest video, Growing Pains, is in the editing phase. Coming soon!
 Team windows was included in a feature in this months Vogue, with a name check for BRANDBARNETT. (Yes love!)
 Meet the swimming team? AP window launches this morning, as well as....
More legs akimbo in the studio. Work is in full swing on the next scheme. Keep your eyes peeled:
 Scheme tease?
 Now then, back to the Birthday - basically, the whole of Godalming descended on Whitechapel for a taste of the East End. Corks were popped, hips were swung, and alcohol was downed. What an evening:
 Are my work colleagues trying to tell me something:
 The instagram cake:
 The aftermath:
 Survival blankets at dawn:
 So after the celebrations were over and the hangovers had subsided, Miriam and I jetted off to the cheapest destination we could find - Malta. What a beautiful place it turned out to be - and thank god, it was 27 degrees and (most importantly) sunny:
 Stranded at Gatwick on the way home was less fun:
 Back to work:
 This afternoon was spent at Clerkenwell Design Week:
Swings for an office chair? Perhaps!
Phew. The End.