Faithful Reader! The wash-up continues. It's been a busy few weeks; The weather's been dreadful, the hangovers unbearable, but it seems spring could be just around the corner. We're right in the throes of putting together the latest scheme at work (nights start next sunday - get ready for the launch etc) and as ever there are some other exciting bits and pieces coming up over the next few weeks which I'll be able to share with you soon.

Meanwhile, I've been floating around with my head in the clouds as usual. Here's some of what I've been seeing up there:

One Direction in Primark:
Poppy French with mental grin (not optional) at a very important meeting in the Electricity Showrooms of all places:
Man in the Mask:
My nephew Ben comes to East London:
Hipster fail:
Ben loves the street art #1
So does Miriam:
Tate Modern:
Tate Modern #2
Tate Modern #3
Ben finding this probably the funniest thing EVER:
Miriam at Liverpool Street:
Miriam, "I'm not pissed James"
Vicki, "Nor am I"
Simon Draper at the Legion in Guildford:
The tree:
Dyer, 'Lets hit it large tonight' down G-A-Y Bar:
Could this be a scheme tease? A makemeaoffer exclusive!
Godalming, Surrey:
Miriam is a Hobbit:
Uncle and Nephew down at Vogues (modern):
Chuck Close at the Bermondsey White Cube (best gallery space in London FACT):
Hannah Jerrom comes to work to borrow things and eat fajitas. I've known her nearly 7 years and yet this was the first time I've ever been in her cars (CALM LONDON DRIVER):
Patternity at the LondonNewcastle Project space:
Clare and Bowie:
Clare getting more than she bargained for on our daily walk of the windows in the morning:
Pattern Power:
James and Bowie:
A cock down Vogues:

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