Faithful Reader. Brandbarnett is off to Amsterdam on his hols with The Quiff is Dead tomorrow. Hopefully this post should tie you over for the next week. 
On Sunday, I was one of the lucky few to get tickets for the BFI's Doctor Who@50 screening event of The Mind of Evil, presented for the first time in nearly 45 years in colour, the original tapes having been taken from the BBC archives in the 70s and destroyed.
A gritty tale of prison reform gone extreme, The Mind of Evil is vintage Doctor Who with a perfect balance of humour, violence, sublime Radiophonic sounds and groovy special effects. Roger Delgado's Master is a wonder, whilst Jon Pertwee is positively grumpy/heroic.
 After the screening we were treated to a rather fan fabulous Q and A with stars from the actual episodes (Richard Franklin, John Levene and the simply fabulous Katy Manning).
Gutted I can't go to the next screening - but I'm holding out for Caves of Androzani being the Peter Davison story being shown!
 In other news, Clare bought herself a hijab for her forthcoming Middle Eastern adventure - this was her obligatory 'trying it on shot'.
 This is an important hole. Soon, it will be fabulously gilded.
 Emily, in frame, at work.
 So on Saturday night, I got really drunk at Duckie at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I was certain I'd imagined this, but as it turns out, it really happened. This lady kept on piercing things to her labia - including a merkin (which she combed) and a trout (fishy). All in, a good night was had!
 Great visual merchandising down Watney Road Market on Saturday.
 Thursday night was spent (before the Joiners Arms) pondering the delights presented at First Thursdays on Vyner Street in Hackney. We popped in to various galleries. Here were some highlights.
 Of particular note was this exhibition of works by Sophie Derrick at the Degree Art Gallery. Visitors were asked to name one of her untitled paintings hanging centre stage in the room, tweeting their suggestions to the gallery. The best name would win a prize. I of course participated, thinking nothing of it, only realising the next morning that my suggestion was the chosen title! Here is me with Sophie picking up my winnings (£100.00!) 
 On Friday whilst the rain hammered down, Poppy French and I braved the elements so she could do some test shots around Shadwell for an exciting project she has coming up. Me (braving the elements):
Poppy French (braving the elements):
 Of course, there is only so much photography you can do in the rain, so we retired somewhere for food. Shooting in Whitechapel, where else is there to go for a late lunch other than Tayabs....
 About 4 months ago, I was invited to Central Saint Martins to give a talk to the Performance: Design and Practise course, which I went and did on Thursday lunch time. This was not the first time I had gone back to the course since graduating in 2010, but it was the first time I had been to the new CSM Kings Cross campus.
 Kings Cross is mental. It might have been more mental because of the rain and the wind, and the cranes (everywhere) but I'm pretty certain it was mental anyway. The new campus is HUGE - and secured like Fort Knox.
 The talk (more people turned up in the end - honestly!)
 I shared with the students my SEQUEL film, which seemed to go down well. Here are some stills from the film:
Whilst the new campus is definitely very impressive, I yearned for the scuzzy corridors and leaky charm of our Back Hill campus with its enormous studio, individual desk space and enormous infinity spaces.
 Finally, I found this picture from about 9 months ago. It made me laugh.

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