What is wrong with this month? What?

More washing up here. Pictures and things from the past few days. Lots has been seen and drank. Drink on these.

Burberry Party at the incredible flagship store on Regent Street.
Team Production at XOYO.
Conches in China Town.
Old Street.
Hair Compare.
Before we went out on Saturday night #1
Before we went out on Saturday night #2
The Camden Arts Centre - never been before, the sizeable space was a revelation with some nice installations courtesy of the Film in Space exhibition.
Shard view from Bermondsey.
Commercial Road. Obviously.
The White Cube, Bermondsey - best looking art gallery there is.
Gormley's Model - in which gallery visitors get to go inside one of his sculptures like gerbils.
More Shard.
The Hayward Gallery Light Show - best exhibition I saw last week. I called this 'The Rave Room'.
Juergen Teller at the ICA - bit dry (save for Marc FIT Jacobs).
A beautiful new Dior window launches for No Noise.
Josh at the Hayward.
Fluro Hayward.
More Burberry.
More Light Show.
Chinese rolls?
Scheme tease? This is how much paint arrived at work yesterday. This is how much paint we use on a windows scheme at work.

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