Faithful Reader. I'd like to think I've been too busy to post this set of photos from the end of Jan/beginning of Feb, but to be perfectly honest, I've just been wallowing in hangovers for a lot of the time. So, here they are. You shall have to work them out yourselves - I can muster only one word annotations.

Duck and Waffle (Kebab alternative at 04:00am)
When it snowed in Whitechapel.
James [in frame]
The Silent refuge at the bottom of Selfridges.
Clare dressed as a molar.
Jo dressed as a pacman.
Best Kebab.
Carmen at Duck and Waffle.
Tree on a sky scraper.
Watney Road Market in the snow.
Anti Tesco protests in Godalming spiral out of control.
Clare loves bubblewrap.
View from the top of Heron Tower.
James loves the Duck and Waffle.
Out for Hannah's birthday
Duck and Waffle
James and his LED strip/tease
Cavell gardens snow.
Clare is a cod.
Tower views.
Surrey thawing.
Miriam (pissed).
Sinead dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Will wears a good shirt.
Geek chic.
Jo Clarks proves why its the best place to go out in Guildford. 
Confessing our vices.
Clare dressed up in a bag.
Miriam dressed up like Call the Midwife.
Clare and Dyer in frame.
Guildford, not Dalston.
Mother and milk shake.
Puddle in Surrey.
Hannah dressed up as an injured soldier.
Me pretending to be religious.
Cardboard Citizens

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