Invasion Earth 2013



This last week has been busier than I realised. February has made me lethargic. Its all going on around me and I didn't even notice.

Clare wears a hat:
A very lovely Chanel window:
Poppy French arrived:
Together we went and watched the wonderful Tim Andrews give a talk about his Over the Hill venture.
Morag had a birthday:
We went on the Tate boat to the Tate Britain.
We saw the Schwitters exhibition. Now I know what I like, and this is not what I like.
We went to Duckie.
We came home to this:
Washing lines in South London:
Whitechapel's giant cigarette:
Cow meat:
Poppy, in a casino, obviously:
Sarmite Ostanevica's fashion happening:
Photobooth opportunities.


In a complete state of hangoverness, the twin and I conversed about how awful February makes us feel, and that we definitely needed to do something about this. In the midst of this Sunday madness, we booked a weekend away to the Isle of Wight. What followed was three days of ferries, freezing conditions, no wifi, and lots of strange looks.
Miriam and I on the 'sun deck'.
Freshwater - the Jimi Hendrix statue at Dimbola Lodge.
Carisbrooke Castle:
Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition in Dimbola Lodge - dressing up and dancing optional, tea and cake compulsory.
Alum Bay:
The very beautiful Brighstone, where we served more sprouts than anywhere else in the land:
Sandown Chinese - lush:
Our hotel's dance floor was a little quite this far out of the season:
The view from the Tarvic 2 hotel:
A greasey spoon in Shanklin:
Newport tea shop:
Sleepy beaver.


Last week I gave what was billed as a windows 'masterclass' at Pure London, a giant retail and fashion event held at the Kensington Olympia. Feeling slightly like Britney Spears with my headset microphone, I presented to a very large crowd of retailers, students and VMers about the Selfridges windows I've had the pleasure of working on over the last two and a bit years.
I think the talk went down pretty well - particularly the lovely bits of behind the scenes footage I shared with them from a film I made from the making of the No Noise windows.
I can't quite believe just how many talks I've given over the last 6 months now - with more to come. See you there.