Selfridges No Noise - Oxford Street Windows

Faithful Reader! What a new year; straight into nights - this morning felt like the first time I'd seen daylight in 2013. But what a scheme to launch the new year with - I think this is my favourite set of windows - clean, simple, to the point - exactly what No Noise is all about. I will blog a comprehensive Making Of post soon, but for now enjoy the pictures from all the windows on Oxford, Orchard and Duke Streets. As ever, click on them to see much larger versions.

The de-branded Selfridges bag takes a whole window to itself:
The Reading Room window - definitely the most minimal installation I've ever done:
Even the message board window has turned No Noise:
Window 4 has a capsule fit for a capsule collection:
The Breathing window - breathtaking?
Silent Metronones - ticking in unison:
The Headspace window - an interactive launchpad into a moment of contemplation:
The de-branded Heinz baked beans window:
The model house:
A window of glasses half full / half empty.
What would No Noise sound like? Sun rises shot by myself over a couple of weeks - the first was filmed whilst visiting my sister in Cardiff atop of the hills overlooking the Hendre Lakes, whilst the second was shot atop of Selfridges.
I think this might be my favourite:
Acne collection:
We've trapped a cloud in one of our windows:
De-branded ketchup and marmites featured in the tanks:

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