IT IS 2013

Happy New Year Faithful Reader. 4 days in, and I'm right in the middle of a run of night shifts for the next windows scheme at work - Title: NO NOISE. Its a good one. I always like a tease, so have one right here:
Anyway, before we all go looking forward to pastures new, I thought I would share some of what I did over the Christmas period - it was mostly spent sleeping, drinking and eating. This year was decidedly low-key; Christmas day was spent with only my twin sister - that's right, TWINS HOME ALONE. Still, turkeys were cooked, Bucks Fizz was downed and Eastenders was watched. 
Bird Prepping - #LIVECOOKALONG
 Mince Pie making:
 Christmas breakfast special:
 Table piece making:
Turkey Carving (electric knife optional) 
 Christmas meals were also had in Farncombe Tandori - a Christmas curry?
 It was also birthday times, which called for MORE food:
 Guildford Hot Spot.
 New Years Eve was a surreal concoction of Chicken balls, red wine and old people:
Christmas rip out:
 See you all on the other side - I'll be back later in the week when the windows launch.

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