Dancing With The Big Boys (January Love)

Faithful Reader, this last week has been dark as I've grappled with insomniac episodes since going back onto days after the No Noise install. Thankfully, there was light at the end of the tunnel; today I visited my favourite spot:
This is how I was beginning to look mid night shift - take note of the innovative means of drying my bath towel on an exercise ball.
Anyway, between not sleeping and having to reinstall a window (don't ask), nearly the whole of work took part in a mass meditation in the Beauty Hall, which was both surreal, exciting and calming all at once. I tried to duck out the way of as many photographers as possible, but still ended up on the work instagram (dirty white t-shirt not visible - thank god).
This was the view on Friday night - an evening which ended in Shoreditch at 7:00am, when I really should have been trying to get my sleeping patterns back to normal.
As well as all this, I found time to ride a white horse (like the Goldfrapp song, only less sexy, and definitely with less hair), as well as buying a new jumper and a new pair of jeans.
Carmen revealed these fabulous disposable camera pictures from several nights out over the last couple of months, where I like the way we all manage to A) Look derranged and B) Interchange The Lion Shirt depending on who's turn it was to wear it out that day.
I have decided to apply for this:
And we found this on Ridley Road Market:
A few weeks ago, I went along to Be Arty, a party held in Dalston by Slashstroke Magazine (website). I was able to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes: dressing up in paper and throwing some shapes in front of a gauze whilst someone else photographs the results. I'm the middle picture:
On Monday, it came to my attention that the wonderful Tim Andrews, with whom STUDIOGRABDOWN photographed back in September, had finally blogged about us on his lovely site here.
Tim had lots of very flattering things to say about us, which is nice because he was without doubt one of the easiest models I've ever had the pleasure of working with. 
The whole experience was wonderfully bizarre and bizarrely weird in a very innocent, unashamed way. The sort of day that one wants to repeat very often. And we finished in time for "Doctor Who".
This brings us neatly onto how I spent the rest of this Saturday afternoon....
Doctor Who is 50! As many of you will know, I am a not so closet Doctor Who fan. I'm not talking about the series on BBC1 these days (which I'm also very partial too) I'm talking about Old Skool Doctor Who. I'm talking Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, Davison, Baker and McCoy. And the BFI is showing one story from each Doctor each month over the course of the show's anniversary year - and the chance to see Old Doctor Who on a GIANT screen like a cinema is just too good an opportunity to pass on. So off we went, Hannah Jerrom and I (who got this creepy/amazing picture of me at Waterloo whilst I waited for her!)
As the fans congregated, we cooed about who the special guests might be at the end of the screening.
The story being shown was called An Unearthly Child, the first ever Doctor Who. School teachers Ian and Barbara follow their mysterious pupil Susan back to her home to discover she lives in a Police Box with her grandfather called The Doctor.
Yes, we were excited.
Then the panel emerged - former companions, actors, writers and the shows director. Great stuff!
Then it was time for home and back to Surrey for much needed rehabilitation before work begins on new schemes and future plans next week.
Watch this space.

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