STUDIOGRABDOWN presents Daniel

 Faithful Reader - Poppy French and I have been at it again. Just before Christmas, STUDIOGRABDOWN shot the lovely Daniel in a series of gentle, intimate portraits over the course of a rainy November morning. Check the website here: http://studiograbdown.com

We hope you enjoy.

 Here are some behind the scenes shots, with special guest appearance from the Twin.

Making The No Noise Selfridges Window Displays

Faithful Reader! The snow continues to fall in Whitechapel, so what better time than to sit down with a tea and have a blogging moment. 

These pictures, some dating back to mid November 2012, document the making of process that went into creating the No Noise window displays for Selfridges. Apologise for not presenting them in chronological order - there are so many images, so you'll have to just make do with my descriptions. 
As ever, click on them for larger versions.

Blowers and suckers outside the window, waiting to be attached to the inflatable:
Shredded paper for the interior of the crates making up the Duke Street installations:
The crates, dropped into the windows on the second night of install. Each one was hand made by team production and our helpers.
Installing the model house window on the last night of install:
Finishing touches applied:
Paint touch up:
Swimming pool detail on the model house:
The base of the model house:
Putting the roof on:
All of the materials used on the walls and floor in the model house match the same materials we have used in the actual windows and on the shop floor:
The metronome window:
View from inside the minimal Reading Room window:
Laying the 'concrete' floor:
Surveying the inflatable from inside the window #tightsqueeze:
The inflatable actually came bundled up inside a suitcase!:
The deflated material once it was hung inside the window:
Visiting Studio Souffle in Hackney to see a test of the inflatable:
All of the material pre cut from a ton of patterns:
Inflatable test in the mock window at Selfridges:
The sand for the model house window:
The plinths with screens arrive for the Sun Rise window:
Team production prepping the glassware with a silicon solution to create the water effect for the window full of glasses:
The felt material for the floor arrives pre cut:
The sun rise I filmed whilst visiting family in Cardiff. This one was shot on the top of a hill at the Hendre Lakes in St. Mellons, Cardiff.
Styling team lay out the siliconed glassware:
Testing the lighting effects:
Constructing more crates for Duke Street:
Prepping the floor boards in the materials:
Plinths making their way into the window; note the fluffy floor is covered as it moulted like nothing you've ever seen:
Michael decides where best the Selfridges bag is positioned from outside the window so we can decide on how high to make the plinth the special de-branded bag will sit on:
Filming more sun rises on the Selfridges rooftop:
Testing the Headspace window:
The de-branded bag, atop of the plinth:
Clare arranges the fallen S E L F R I D G E S logo for this iconic display:
Empty window:
The End.