It Is December

Faithful Reader. We're coming to the end of another year together. This makes me sad - what a mental time we've had. Laptops, backs and hearts have been broken, and its only now looking back over the last 100 or so posts from across the year [as I compile my 2012 retrospective blog] that I can see how much we've done together. Before then, Christmas needs to be celebrated - and last Thursday really saw the party season begin. Oh what a night. I will make it my New Years resolution to blog more - I've been a bit flabby recently. The next couple of weeks are going to be busy. We've got the NEW JANUARY SCHEME coming up at work (I think its been my favourite one to work on so far - we're getting trained - yes trained - in how to do one of the windows....), we're probably going to be told about Christmas 2013 next week (yes, really) and in terms of STUDIOGRABDOWN - get ready for Daniel.

Once again, enjoy the randomness of the pictures below - consider this a bit of a tidy up post.

The Whale hanging outside the Cambridge museum last weekend:
 The twin and I visiting Poppy French and Sholto French at the Pear Tree Inn in Cambridge:
 Three on a Boris Bike? Four surely....
 Miriam and Whale.
 The mannequin outside Damien Court.....
 Moustachios at the ready at the Red Lion in Godalming:
 Fans - just can't get enough:
 January Scheme Tease? Chasing sun rises - not celebrities - from the roof top at work.
 James, Poppy and Miriam with Whale:
 The mannequin from our door step - thrown from the balcony by the youths in the flat below. Steph, 'This could have been one of us'.
 6 people from Farncombe standing in front of a digger that says the word FARNCOMBE - its the simple things.
 The Shining with Hannah Jerrom at the BFI - amazing. Next on our list of things to see there: Doctor Who @ 50 years old...
 Poppy and the Whale:
 Giant boilers outside Marks and Spencer:
 Going to Cambridge to visit Poppy:
 Miriam becomes a reluctant member of STUDIOGRABDOWN for one morning early.
 Blow Fish:
 Giant Turtle:
 Bones 1:
 Bones 2:
 Godalming Christmas lights:
 Michael chasing sun rises:
 Sun Rises (or lack of)
 The only photo I have from Thursday night. From what I can make out, its lots of tequila shots inside the Joiners Arms.
 Watney Road Market Christmas lights:
 Welsh Sun Rises:
 Cambridge Sun Rises:
 The most fashionable hole to be bored this side of 2013:

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