Making the Selfridges Christmas Windows 2012

I've been wanting to share these behind the scenes pictures from the latest install at Selfridges for a while, but haven't had the time to blog them - so here they are at last (an early Christmas gift, Faithful Reader?)

Seeing as there are so many, do forgive me for not putting them in any particular order. Where I can, I'll try and explain them - and, as ever, click on each picture to see it BIG.

Andy Pandy Trousers? Check. Big black boot? Check. The tallest person up the tallest ladder - (again) Check! - I have my uses it seems.
 Surveying my handy work:
 Christmas stars and glitter balls:
 A glacier - which was much lighter than you would imagine:
 Reindeer in a bowl:
 A miniature Selfridges Gingerbread House:
 This Turkey (is not real).
 Contemplating how to get these stars inside our tiny doorways.....
 Dress Up Time?
 Tight squeezes all round:
 A present stack takes shape:
 Single Lady:
 The golden walnut:
 Baubles (not ballballs)
 Hannah Jerrom does some threading:
 Shar makes the moss mound in the Wishing Tree window - putting her 7 years of windows experience to good use!
 Trees and lights:
 The fantastic tent of fabrics made by Lou Blackshaw:
 The Selfridges pizza boxes designed by Daniel Jennings:
 Close up:
 We love beards:
 Eastpack logo:
 One of the window design renderings:
 Bauble 2.
 An Art Room Chair:
 More Art Room Chairs (love the Turkey!)
 This trifle is not real.
 Reflections help us with composition:
 Santa gets dressed:
 Crayon decorations:
 Corgi's get hats:
 Dressing the windows on the final night:
 Last minute fabric hanging and lint rolling (note to would be window dressers - fake snow gets EVERYWHERE)
 Becki and her box:
 They Turkey - deemed too plastic looking:
 The Horse arrives:
 Another present stack:
 Santa takes his place in the giant shoe:
 Which at the start of the night looked liked this:
 Me with silver lining:
 Beautifully detailed photographs taken especially for the light boxes in our displays:
 The gingerbread house arrives:
 More hanging:
 For the record, hanging glittery fabric does drive you insane, especially after doing it in 4 windows for a whole night:
 The wrap is removed:
 The Wishing Tree grows out of the building...
 More 4:00am crayon decoration making:
 Wishing Tree:
 The shoe window before any dressing:
 Giant frame of hedge is craned into position around one of the doors:
 A miniature Queen of Time:
 Glass cleaning:
 Glitter upholstering:

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