UNDER PRESSURE (October - An Update With Love)

Faithful Reader. Its been a while. Normal service has resumed.

This was the end of September and the first two weeks of October snapped through various mediums. As I'm a lazy wretch, none of the pictures are in order. So just enjoy them for what they are. There might just be four special Christmas Teasers from the next Windows scheme amongst all the pics, but I'M NOT SAYING NOTHIN'.

A site visit to Selfridges Birmingham checking out the pre-existing window spaces:
Insta Train with Dyer!
Last Friday was the beginning of the worst behaved weekend of my life (probably). It all started with Brian Dowling (following me from Dublin, clearly) hosting the annual RVM Display Awards in Covent Garden, a prestigious, flashy affair that celebrates all things window displays and visual merchandising on our high streets. 
Back to Dublin in the pictures below, having a bit of a comp shop of Brown Thomas:
Michael and serviette. Father is about to turn a significant age. I'm wondering where I should go with him and Teresa next year #NYCPART2
View from the inside of Birmingham's lozenge shaped windows:
Miss Hannah Jerrom from Bexley Heath has come to work with us! Just like old times - as well as being as makeshift as possible (which really isn't necessary these days *bubblewrap aprons*), we're being our usual mumbling selves with one another whilst at the same time taking any opportunity possible to make some Performance Art (coming soon!)
Impromptu Balloon installation at work. We love one of these.
Miriam and the moustache.
LIONS OUT (BAGS ON FACE) The start to the second night of last weekend's debauchery - the bags under my eyes have still yet to dissipate.
Needoo in Whitechapel - better than Tayabs, apparently.
Gatecrashing the winners photograph:
Good Lord! This Disposable Gem taken by Miss Hannah of Jerrom when Poppy French and I shot the Sarmite Ostanevica Lookbook last March has only just surfaced - BIG LOVE.
The tree - two weekends ago now.
After Birmingham:
Men cleaning every single disc clad to the side of the Birmingham Selfridges:
The impressive atrium in store:
Digbeth Cafe:
Having a mosey round trendy Brum:
Custard Factory:
'Have a good Apple'
Last Monday:
The Christmas lights on Oxford Street have been put up - noticed these this morning.
A box:
Jerrom and an MDF wave (honestly)
Dyer and her Russian Doll:
Finally - STUDIOGRABDOWN is returning.

After a brief hiatus, we are very proud to present to you one of my very favourite shoots ever. Stay tuned over the next week as we unveil Tim Andrews:
He comes!

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