Tim Andrews VS. STUDIOGRABDOWN: Over the Hill - A Photographic Journey

On September 1st, Poppy French and I under our guise of STUDIOGRABDOWN shot the wonderful Tim Andrews, naked in the garden with nothing but a borrowed kimono and giant helium balloon. 
It was one of the most satisfying shoots we'd ever conducted - Tim drove all the way from Brighton to Surrey to spend the afternoon naked with us, and turned out to be the most chilled model I think we'd ever had the privilege to work with.
Tim has been photographed by about 200 photographers over the last 5 years since learning he had Parkinsons Disease. During this time he has set up his own blog: http://timandrewsoverthehill.blogspot.co.uk/ where he recounts the stories of all his shoots, the people he's met up and down the country during this project and blogs all of the pictures taken of him. Photographs of Tim have been featured in The Times and The Guardian, and he's been shot by the likes of Rankin too. 
We chose to shoot Tim in a variety of locations local to my home and some special places I like to visit lots. We used a combination of film, digital, disposable and video. Check out http://studiograbdown.com/ for the full story.
 Godalming High St. not ready for one bearded gay and his giant balloon:
The first problem encountered - finding a car boot big enough to transport said balloon:
The balloon, waiting in the garden:
Shooting on film, video and disposable gets underway in the garden, after lots of faffing (standard):
We take Tim to the Tree - this is a special shoot after all.

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