The Irish

Faithful Reader! Another giant blog post! In this year of lots of TRAVEL, I very unexpectedly ended up in Northern Ireland for the nuptials of my very lovely manager and her fiancé. This was a wedding full of firsts; the first time I'd been to Ireland, the first time a wedding ceremony had taken place in the very grand Ulster Hall and the first time a wedding party had taken over the Belfast Empire music hall.
The following morning, instead of hopping back home, a small tour of the northern coast of the Republic was in order, in the most horrendous yet fitting weather conditions I think I've ever seen....
This small detour ended with us taking in the craggy sights of the imposing Giants Causeway - a bizarre grey wilderness formed from slow cooling lava millions of years ago - it was all very Prometheus:
Causeway attire, laden with the WORST POST WEDDING HANGOVER EVER. Ever.
Afterwards, we travelled south into actual Ireland, where people speak Irish and the road signs are different. I was so surprised (and embarrassed) at how ignorant I was of Northern Ireland and Ireland.
A detour to Brown Thomas, the Dublin equivalent of Selfridges, was in order.
Brown Thomas Window Displays:
The Brown Thomas restaurant:
Hermes install:
The Louis Vuitton Kusama takeover was even here too:
My favourite local spot that day:
The National Gallery:
Temple Bar:

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