Selfridges Christmas Windows 2012 - Not Your Usual Christmas

Faithful Reader - for any of those that follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know that for the last  seven nights, the Selfridges Windows Team have been installing the new Christmas scheme, inspired by the fairytale Christmas promotional campaign shot by Bruce Webber. Christmas is mammoth - so for now I shall just share with you the Oxford Street run of windows whilst I sort out the rest of my photographs.

Once again we worked with fantastic crews, talented creatives and hardworking individuals to produce what is a truly extraordinary set of windows which need to be seen for real to appreciate them to their fullest.

As ever, click on the pictures for larger versions. And don't forget - I'm giving a talk at City University, 7th November 2012 from 18:00pm about university, inspiration and all things window installation - book yourself a free ticket here - there will be videos! 


Not Your Usual Christmas
 Tent constructed by Lou Blackshaw. Headpieces made by Philip Dunn. Pizza boxes designed by Daniel Jennings.
 The Art Room window:
Headpieces made by Fred Butler.
 Check back soon for the Orchard Street, Duke Street windows and a Making Of post.


  1. Absolutely wonderful windows. Magical just like Christmas should be. Congratulations James Barnett. So clever. So happy to be able to have found them on your blog as we are unable to get down to London this year. My daughter and I love coming down with husband and my son too. Us girls usually head straight for Selfridges. My daughter has cancer and is currently unwell so we will not make it down this Christmas but so glad to have been able to see the pictures. Thanks for posting them on your blog. Words do not describe how much work you must put into the design of the windows let alone get them all done in time. You are truly a Christmas STAR. Congratulations. Keep up your good work. Love them all. Will miss getting out usual pictures of them this year. My daughter has a blog too paperdollybird.blogspot.co.uk if you have time to look you will see some pictures of Selfridges windows in her blog. No doubt your good and wonderful work. Well done. @beautifulmumsie on twitter

  2. Its absolutely wonderful! At most the lovely Herrnhut Stars.
    I have seen them by travelling around germany.