Liverpool Biennial 2012

This is a big post - so big that its taken me two weeks to come to terms with blogging it. From the 17th - 19th September, myself and the lovely ladies from work ventured up north to blustery Liverpool for the Biennial 2012. For anyone who doesn't know what a biennial is, its basically a giant art show, displaying the work of artists from all over the world in a variety of locations in its host city. I'd not been to Liverpool for years, so coming to the city post Capital of Culture was a bit of a revelation - great bars, chilled out cafes and some pretty spectacular urban scenery. My pictures are slightly muddled, and I don't have captions for all of them, so just like them for what they are - click on them for bigger versions.

My favourite piece of public art - ever.
This will be a recurring theme - YELLOW ON YELLOW:
The Dyer:
The reflection that wasn't a reflection but actually a whole other room the other side of the frame...
...like so!
John Akromfah's video installation was pretty standout:
Oded Hirsch's crashed lift:
Dog Fighting:
City of Sanctuary:
Pamela Rosenkrantz:
Liverpool Cathedral - actually a standout part of the trip:
Tracey Emin's neon sculpture actually sat perfectly in the monolithically ornate setting, 'I felt you and I know you love me'
The worlds biggest pillow:
Metal at Edge Hill Station:
An an unfortunate moment where we gatecrashed a wedding - but a great picture of my travelling companions nonetheless:

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