Faithful Reader, what an ignorant wench I've become. September Will Be Busy, yet its turned out even more so than even I expected - and its not over yet. Oh Faithful Reader - BRANDBARNETT is about to depart the land once again. Another Wedding, another country. Ireland this time. But enough of that - this is a post about all the things I've come across over the last two weeks - including, London Fashion Weeks,  Liverpool Biennials, The End Of Summer, and (most importantly) THE RETURN OF THE BACK. Forgive me, but it seems that after 4 months my lumbar has decided to cooperate and start to mend itself: I shall go to the [GYM] Ball.

 A Parting Gift? Damien Court's latest acquisition:
 20 pence well spent at the Nelsons Head.
 MEMEL (Not Mario):
 The Mercedes Drive Through at Selfridges:
 Bora Aksu:
 Lion Looks:
 Sister By Sibling (Sort of loving this stuff):
 The night I went to The Pale Blue Door:
 The tranny who gets turned into a bird at The Pale Blue Door:
 Christopher Raeburn takeover blearily witnessed in Upper Street:
 En route to Liverpool with DYER:
 The Old Sorting Office in Liverpool:
 Chinese Tranny Maxout (I'll post a proper Liverpool Biennial blog later):
 Liverpool was freezing:
 Do You Like Your Neighbours?
 Liverpool Cathedral - yes, better than Guildford:
 My favourite thing about the whole Liverpool experience - public art circa 1989:
 Dead man draped in cloth:
 Yellow jumpsuit - not mine:
 Tokyou Noodle Bar:
 Poly love:
 Dean Street Town House:
PAP 1.
 PAP 2.

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