Making The Beauty Workshop Selfridges Windows

The Selfridges Windows Team have assembled four very special window displays to mark the launch of the brand new Beauty Workshop on the ground floor of the store. Each display showcases what beauty services the workshop offers customers, from body and skin care to beauty tools and the nail Paint Shop.

Designing the new displays fell to windows conceptualiser Morag Hickmott:

'When I design a new windows scheme, I assemble an initial concept pack which contains inspirational material and reference images. For these windows, we wanted to design a scheme which best reflected what the new area offers our customers - beauty services and products in a one stop, pick and mix shop.

I was particularly inspired by the all the different textures of the new products in the area, and the rainbow of colours. We wanted to use make-up in the window almost like an artist would use paint; High gloss drips of nail varnish, like oil paints, alongside the delicate powder textures of blushers and eye shadows, like pastels and chalks.'

Once the window designs are completed, the production crew begin the task of sourcing and commissioning specially made props. This process is steered by the stylist's vision of how the windows should be finished, and this responsibility fell to Senior Stylist Laura Gramston who oversaw the styling  of the mannequins and the product in these new windows:

'We're working with lots of small product this scheme, so quantity is important to have a visual impact. We have colour blocked product with the props to keep the windows looking graphic and fun. The colour and texture of what is available in the new area inspired how I approached the styling of the mannequins in these windows. For the fashion products, pastels and tonal colours have been key.'

The window displays are installed over several nights. Walls are painted, floors are laid and the props arrive and have to be positioned and hung to match the window designs.

For this scheme, the windows have a mixture of differently finished props, combining hand crafted paper and card sculptures of lipsticks and make-up brushes with oversized scissors and eyelash curlers in a polished chrome effect. The resulting windows are a fun take on what the Beauty Workshop offers, and they've truly had a colourful and stylish makeover fit for the new area.

The pictures presented show the behind the scenes process of putting together The Beauty Workshop windows scheme.


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    NOT: make me a offer

    It looks silly !!

  2. Hello; are you possibly planning to sell any of these props after your display runs its course? I am looking for life size beauty props for an event in April 2014. Thank you so much!