This weekend was wholesome and mental bonkers. I can't be arsed to put the pictures in order (again - God I'm lazy) but this is the last few days in SNAPS.

Instagramed! Benjamin Marks (plus moustache) and myself (plus beard) lighting fags in between SWEATING TO DEATH at Dirtbox at Vogue Fabrics on Saturday night. What good tunes we heard.
Kaiser Karl looming large.
Rainbows over Hackney:
Did I dream this? Going back to Surrey on Friday afternoon for physio:
Only to be woken on Saturday morning by my parentals demanding a day trip in London - free lollipops at Waterloo Station much appreciated!!
Sunbathing in a mac in the Barbican on some concrete:
Who knew? From Hipster to Home in under an hour.
This is not the beach its the Thames:
The rings:
Me, mother, the rings
Shard Loving.
Southwark Cathedral and the Shard (an excellent photograph according to my Dad)
A giant skull on Whitecross Street:

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