Southbank Rituals with Hannah Jerrom

Today was lovely. I met with Hannah Jerrom, legendary on this blog of course. We met on the Southbank - for some reason, we've not seen one another since about March. She's turned into a gardener in that time. I've turned into Captain Birdseye (her words). Anyway, this was our journey in pictures throughout the day:

 Hannah and the Olympic Rings on the Thames:
 James and the Olympic Rings on the Thames:
 Hannah and Damien:
 James and Daminen:
 Nostril Shot:
 Give this boy a vessel, and it will undoubtedly end up on his head:
 Oh, and hers:
 Olympic Stance:
 Reuse, Recycle:
 This giant thing on the Southbank - Hannah and I couldn't resist.....
 ...So we mounted it, all smiles....
 ....Realised how high it was about to go up....
 ....And then screamed. A lot.....
Good times!

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