Selfridges Windows 2012: Kusama VS. Louis Vuitton

Here they are at last...

 After months of being shrouded in secrecy, the Kusama vs. Louis Vuitton windows exclusively designed for Selfridges launched on Friday morning after a gargantuan six night install - one of the most ambitious, meticulously planned and exciting projects I have ever had any involvement with. 

Installed with military precision by Chameleon Visual Ltd, the gold framed windows are lined with the signature Kusama dot motif, an army of miniature Kusama's and gold plated excerpts from a poem about the life and the polka dot. Particularly amazing are the two life size casts of Kusama staring out on the two windows on the far west side of the store. A serious 'stopping in your tracks' moment. I would heartily recommend coming down to see them for real, and stand on the opposite side of the road to take in the full effect.

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