August - An Update With Love

I don't know where this year has gone. How are we in August already? It will have been almost a year since I moved back to East London, and things feel more dislocated than ever (this is not a back reference. Actually, it can be.)

These shots were taken on a disposable at the end of last month. I'm not revealing the full set yet as some of them are of a certain Bradford Born, Bethnal Green Based photographer, which you'll be able to see in full on the new SGD website which we hope to relaunch soon.

Again, they are in no particular order. 


 My door:
 Victoria Miro:
 Versace in the lavatory:
 A New Project:
 Picking up painkillers from Sainsbury's and I come across this:
 Poppy French at the Sarah Sze Exhibition:
 Yellow Mac:
 More Miro:
 The wall in the car park:
Chris, a cat and me at my friend Stuart's flat:

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