1000TH BLOG POST - Selfridges Windows 2012 Britain Creates Phase 2

1000 POSTS - Good Lord.
  After three years I cannot believe I'm still going strong with the blog. Site views are at their highest, and more than ever, I find updating the blog an almost therapeutic experience in which I can order my thoughts and digest the things I've recently seen.

Anyway. Back to work.

Last week we launched a revised set of windows in the Orchard Street run, showcasing different pieces from the Britain Creates initiative. 

We now have a magnificent billowing cape designed by Giles Deacon and Jeremy Deller taking centre stage in the largest of the Orchard Street installations.
I think this is one of my favourite windows we've ever done at Selfridges.

Other installations include this video piece by  Mary Katrantzou and Mark Titchner...
...And this sculpture designed by Jonathan Saunders and Jess Flood-Paddock:
Peter Pilotto and Francis Upritchard have created this perfectly formed, bejeweled sculpture stretching out a gymnasts pose:
Get down and check them out!

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