Rouxin Jin - Updated

Its been about a month since we shot Rouxin's look book for the CSM exhibition, and its good to see she's still getting the press interest she deserves from her crazed collection of crocheted soldiers. Susie Bubble posted this article and accompanying images with regards to the CSM BA Fashion show:
"Ruoxin Jin - Another skilled and fantasy knittist from Central Saint Martins emerges in the shape and form of Ruoxin. Her collection explores limits and boundaries with boxy shapes that are then adorned with colourful crocheted mise-en-scenes, inspired by the wooden carvings illustrating Chinese folkloric tales and fables. There's something immediately charming about her collection and once again, the attention to detail is quite extraordinary from the panels of metal hinges, knitted and crocheted together, to creating the toy-like little figures that hang off of the silhouettes."

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