July - Progression

An Update? Yes perhaps. So the back might be getting better. I feel like whispering this in case it hears me. I'm hoping another week, and it will be like 'Back pain! What back pain?' Anyway, what else? Oh yeah:
Whitechapel Art Gallery (above)
Laundromat Guildford.
Mr Benjamin Marks showing off his Thai Terrace shrimps, but what everyone's looking at IS HIS AMAZING MOUSTACHE (FACIAL HAIR ALL THE WAY - 2012.)
Giant Balloon Bread for the Turkish. A last Turkish for the Turk...
Morag can't resist.
Michael and coffee.

And finally. At the beginning of the month, STUDIOGRABDOWN shot Miss Alis Pelleschi, a Bradford born, Bethnal Green based Bright Young Photographer with a penchant for rubber, chip butties and boys with septum piercings. Well, editing has been completed and submissions have been sorted. Poppy French has submitted to the Taylor Wessing photography competition - will we stand a chance? Who knows - but its good. I like it a lot. You'll get to see it soon - STUDIOGRABDOWN.COM is getting the much needed attention it deserves. We're ready for more - GET IN TOUCH.

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