More from July. The weather is miserable. My lumbar is miserable. The Doctor tells me its going to be fine. I'm not sure I entirely believe him. Exciting, important and AMBITIOUS meetings were had at work yesterday - the scale of our next install is extraordinary. Must be fit in time. Never drinking ever again. Need a tan. Must polish new boots.

In the meanwhile:

 Sarah Sze at the Victoria Miro gallery - a whole five years after myself, Poppy French and Holly Grace visited her first exhibtion there. How young, fresh faced and nimble we were.
 Intricate, lovely details.
 Went on a bit of a windows comp shop the other week. Harvey Nichols mannequins have got GIANT FINGERNAILS.
 The Dyer and I went along to Damon Albarn's Dr Dee at the ENO last wednesday to check out the design and direction of his fantastic and achingly cool new opera. Live Rooks! Floating Queens!
 Beard and hair:
 The hair extensions hanging out to dry again, this time a slightly different shade of blue.
The end.

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