Kusama for Louis Vuitton

 This is big. 
At the beginning of the month, the Selfridges website proudly announced the exciting takeover of its London store this August by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's collaboration with fashion brand giant, Louis Vuitton - a gargantuan collision of panache, style and commerce. The takeover is vast - and, of course, top secret, however, it has been revealed that the windows are part of this takeover - and pretty soon, work will start on installing these landmark displays. 
The teaser image (above) comes from the Selfridges website. This is going to be an ambitious install - and one I cannot wait to see come to fruition.
This week, the Kusama takeover launched in the Louis Vuitton flagship store on Bond Street. Typically finished to perfection, once again the installation covers the split level window space areas of the store. Kusama's nerve sculptures form the largest feature in these displays, snaking all over the building. Perhaps most impressively of all are the life-size casts of Kusama which feature in two of the windows.

I popped down to the store on Thursday and grabbed some snaps. The red and white polka dot pattern is unmissable; passers by were double taking the life-size Kusama as she peered down on them. 
 The LV / Kusama takeover is international. This was the view of the exterior Louis Vuitton building at their flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York earlier in the month.
 Katie Grand, editor in chief of LOVE magazine, recently tweeted this teaser image of the new issue of LOVE which launches tomorrow, covered in the trademark polka dot Kusama motif...

Pomp and Ceremony in July

The last few days have been unusual. Friday began with the bells ringing in the start of the Olympics, where the bells of the Queen of Time on the front of the Selfridges store on Oxford Street were engineered to chime for the full three minutes at 08:12am - video to follow! Meanwhile....

Giant tents were set up in the garden for Opening Ceremony viewers:
 Crazy Golf on the Selfridges Rooftop for the Head Office games - GG represents team Visual:
The Bompas and Parr spectacular:
 The Flame comes in store:
 Before being driven down Oxford Street - after three attempts, I finally get to see it!
 Surrey Saturday nights in the sun:
 The Selfridges Window featuring my dad included in an article on Alannah Weston in the Times Luxx magazine yesterday:
 Hipstamatic? Sunning myself in Grosvenor Square on Tuesday - wearing my Dad's 40 year old Rael Brook shirt and new herringbone white Topman shorts.
 Escaping London on Friday afternoon - always see this Tower block and want to shoot something there.
 Opera in the park - Grosvenor.
 More Torch action on Oxford Street:
 Peace x



It is hot. So, so hot. My hair is brown. My beard is huge. My back is stiff, although maybe getting better (must remember to stop talking about the back). In fact, its got to be better by the end of August - for thats when we do our next scheme - LVK EXCITING! STUDIOGRABDOWN is planning new things, and we've got a website relaunch on the horizon. Time to share the last few days, before EVERYTHING GOES MENTAL. Can I just say, the one thing I'm most excited about for these Olympics is that GIANT BELL forged on our doorstep in Whitechapel - its going to be insane - and I can only encourage everyone to take part in Martin Creed's All The Bells Work No. 1197  in which at 08:12am this Friday, the whole country rings in the Olympics for three minutes straight - doorbells, church bells, bike bells, firebells, alarm clocks - every type of bell - AMAZING. http://www.allthebells.com/

Once again, I'll let the pictures do the talking, and because I'm so damned lazy, I can't be bothered to sort them into any order, so you'll just have to look at them in this HAPHAZARD way.

Losely Fields School in Godalming fill a disused window space on Godalming High Street with painted umbrellas:
A new project? SGD!
 Salon Paradiso Tease?
 Olympic Flame fever comes to Godalming as the Torch is ran down the High Street - several shop windows were devoted to this occasion, including this great tissue paper ensemble in the florists next to Waitrose:
 Karl Lagergeld launches in store concession:
 Massaman Curry by Carmen Ho:
 Olympic Flame cakes in Granny's Pantry window, Godalming High Street:
 The seriously impressive John Lewis Olympic facade:
 Karl Windows:
 More umbrellas:
 An Olympic Ring display courtesy of Godalming High Street's Westwood Rocks:
 More Flame Cakes:
 Team GingerBread
 The Pepperpot:
 Leaving do's:
 The sun is shining:
 More, more, more: