THE WEDDING - Making a Wedding

We've been talking about it for what seems like years now, but this weekend was my sister's wedding - and I was in charge of making it look as good as possible. The Hogs Head pub in the rural Welsh countryside of Monmouthshire provided the rustic setting for the wedding reception, and I seized this opportunity to flex my production and styling mettle. The pictures say more than I ever could, so I won't bleat on, however I need to say it was an enormous undertaking which I couldn't have done with out the help of my mother, father, the twin, the bride and the bridesmaids over what ended up being a two day production process. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, and they just went along with it - thank God we pulled it off!

Arrival - everything wrapped and ready to go:
Jars filled with boiled sweets, leaves and paper windmills for the table centre pieces:
Bunting hung in the entrance hall made by one of my sisters:
The entrance to the reception hall is set up:
Mother arranging the flowers:
Father opening up as many paper decorations as possible:
The venue mid process - note the floating balls from the chandeliers which required the erection of a massive scaffold which I had to scale!
The Bride helping out:
Milk Churns courtesy of the groom's father:
The decorations under construction:

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