June - An Update With Love

Disposables have been developed. Click for bigger versions.

Alex Mattsson Presentation :
 Bricklane Bagel Shop:
 The Hen Do:
 Carmen in Bricklane:
 Carmen in a cupboard:
 Stray cat in Turkey:
 Hotel Club Pieneta, Marmaris, Turkey:
 Hen Do decorations:
 Commercial Road at 17:30pm on Thursday 28th June 2012:
 The cupboard in Dalston before Carmen got in it:
 Post Hen Do Salads:
 Green Car in Marmaris:
 Steph and Carmen outside the Gas Station in Hackney:
 Rachel (the Hen):
 Inside a Selfridges Window:
 Me and Zoe sweating out a Turkish night:
 London Fields Green Grocers:
 Miriam in Marmaris with the Mosque:
 Turkish Breakfast Times:
 Turkish Watermelons:
 Hair (Lots Of):
 Windmills (Not Yuppies) Graffiti outside our flat:
 Outdoor gym in Marmaris:
 Pearly Queens spotted down Bricklane:
 Mother and I in the garden yesterday afternoon:
 The Pub Window at Selfridges, taken from inside the window:
 Rouxin Jin's look book shoot:
 More Rouxin:
 Rouxin Jin close ups:
 The Twin and I with giant Palm Tree:
 Mannequin Close Up:
 Carmen Goes Out:
 Steph, Carmen and James in Hackney:
 James and Miriam in Turkey:
 Rachel and Ian:
 Slippery Surface:
 Turkish Phone Box:
 Mother, Father and I outside the Weatherman Window at Selfridges which Father is currently featured in:
The Wedding:
 Mosque/Power lines:

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