June is mental - I'm not entirely sure how I'm managing. I'm virtually crippled with a dodgy back and the beard has got so big that I swear there's a blue tit nesting in there somewhere. Anyway, this weekend has been one of the busiest ever but somehow I got through to the other side. The pics say it all - LET'S BEGIN:

Underwater lovers (this is what I imagine it would have been like had we gotten round to taking some underwater photographs at Salon Paradiso....speaking of which...)
 Victoria and Miriam join the party (Poppy French Is Waves):
 More Poppy Face:
 Miriam/Legs // Poppy/Straw:
 After setting up Salon Paradiso:
 Vinyl couture at Whitechapel Sainsbury's:
 Holiday Inn at Commercial Road - almost finished (Mother and Father have no excuse not to visit now)
 Another bloody photo booth - Jesus!
 Car hearts LIPS:
 Fox Gloves Galore In Godalming:
 MOTION SICKNESS - Poppy and I enjoying Hot Chip live at Lovebox 2012
 If you can read this you're....
 Salon Paradiso Set Up!
 Justin makes Poppy wet!
 Justin hoovers the pool!
 Back to Hot Chip (I'm being lazy and cannot be arsed to reorganise these photos once blogger has put them in)
 Pearly King Taxi in Shoreditch!
 What's this! A massively huge exclusive behind the scenes picture from SALON PARADISO.
 Fuck me, not more photo booth:
 A Pigs Head Cake at a Vice Party we went to on Thursday - the start of this weekend's troubles!
 Demure! Blue Tit not pictured:

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