June - An Update With Love

Disposables have been developed. Click for bigger versions.

Alex Mattsson Presentation :
 Bricklane Bagel Shop:
 The Hen Do:
 Carmen in Bricklane:
 Carmen in a cupboard:
 Stray cat in Turkey:
 Hotel Club Pieneta, Marmaris, Turkey:
 Hen Do decorations:
 Commercial Road at 17:30pm on Thursday 28th June 2012:
 The cupboard in Dalston before Carmen got in it:
 Post Hen Do Salads:
 Green Car in Marmaris:
 Steph and Carmen outside the Gas Station in Hackney:
 Rachel (the Hen):
 Inside a Selfridges Window:
 Me and Zoe sweating out a Turkish night:
 London Fields Green Grocers:
 Miriam in Marmaris with the Mosque:
 Turkish Breakfast Times:
 Turkish Watermelons:
 Hair (Lots Of):
 Windmills (Not Yuppies) Graffiti outside our flat:
 Outdoor gym in Marmaris:
 Pearly Queens spotted down Bricklane:
 Mother and I in the garden yesterday afternoon:
 The Pub Window at Selfridges, taken from inside the window:
 Rouxin Jin's look book shoot:
 More Rouxin:
 Rouxin Jin close ups:
 The Twin and I with giant Palm Tree:
 Mannequin Close Up:
 Carmen Goes Out:
 Steph, Carmen and James in Hackney:
 James and Miriam in Turkey:
 Rachel and Ian:
 Slippery Surface:
 Turkish Phone Box:
 Mother, Father and I outside the Weatherman Window at Selfridges which Father is currently featured in:
The Wedding:
 Mosque/Power lines:


THE BIG BRITISH BANG! RELAUNCH! Selfridges Oxford Street Windows

Faithful Reader! Lets get back to the day job shall we? This morning saw the relaunch of our Big British Bang windows - celebrating the Best of British over what is turning out to be a truly spectacular summer for London, and Great Britain as a whole. With the Jubilee now behind us, the attention turns to our Summer of Sport and Festivals, and this morning we launched three brand new windows addressing these very topics (not to mention redressing all the product in every other window for the new season!)
Our three new windows include:

A Very Royal Race:
The British Winning Streak [In perfect time for Wimbledon]
And to round off all these summer histrionics, what better way than to celebrate The British Theatrical Tradition!
The Model Village window redressed [she's my fave]:
And finally, with the Olympics just over a month away, something very special from a certain sporting giant to be unveiled in our Duke Street windows very soon...