THE BIG BRITISH BANG! Making the Selfridges Oxford Street Jubilee Window Displays

Here we go again! These images aren't in any particular order, but hopefully give a taster of how we put the Selfridges window displays together. The best way I can describe the process is organised chaos - one of the most satisfying parts of the installation is seeing the displays slowly beginning to take shape and emerge amongst all the production bits and pieces. These particularly special Jubilee themed windows took us 5 nights to install. Get down to Oxford Street and check them out!

A 5am tea break in the pub window admiring the details:
 Pulled! Its definitely a gay pub...
 Installing the pub walls on the second night:
 Dropping the mannequins into position for the cafe window:
 Mannequin close up:
 The Pearly King takes his place:
 The cafe window is a great example of the production and styling teams working together in this scheme - the light box, curtains, and tongue and groove were all assembled in house, and installed over a couple of nights, whilst during the day, the styling team came in and added all the tiny details and propping flourishes:
 The beautiful old school television camera for the weather window:
 The summer fete:
 Ever wondered how you get a Robin Reliant into a window display inside Selfridges? Pushed through the store by 7 men, directed by 1 woman and steered by 1 man at the wheel!
 The Ascot carriage takes shape:
 Changing of the guard?
 The punk and the soldier getting intimate:
 Window 1 gets its vinyl applied:
 Getting hay:
 The lightbox in action:
 The Robin Reliant installed:
 Position the mannequins:

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