Back Ache In May: An Update With Love

Faithful Reader - I am a lazy wench - please forgive me. Here is a bumper update to the blog - though there is still more to come courtesy of STUDIOGRABDOWN. Anyway, things are pretty busy right now, and there are more exciting projects in the pipeline. Of course, the big impending EVENT of the year is THE WEDDING, which is fast approaching, but in the meantime, here are some snaps of some things I've seen and done recently - PEACE X

Borris Biking for the first time with Team Production back to Selfridges from Clerkenwell Design Week #BAPTISMOFFIRE
A bear in a bath at Clerkenwell Design Week - awwwww etc.
Holidaying in Turkey - Yes Faithful Reader, the twin and I along with Miss Zoe of Harcus hopped onto a plane and jetted off to sunny Marmaris, Turkey, where the kebabs hung heavy, the drinks were poured freely and every man, woman and child pointed and stared at my stupid clothes. I even met a man from Dalston (Turkish, obviously). More pics of this do exist, but on my disposable camera - so look out for those shortly (DISPOSABLE LOVE)
The Holiday Inn next to our flat is fast nearing completion, come join us on Commercial Road:
Big round circular thing which look like it had fallen through space and time in the field behind my house:
Becki inside a TV (Michael looking on).
Turing 24 years of age (GROSS/OLD/ETC)
Steph and Carmen riding the Overground:
Innovative Means to take pictures:
Welcome to Glasgow:

Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

This week is Clerkenwell Design Week 2012, and the Selfridges Windows Production Team were out in force in the sunshine soaking up the designs on display. 
Amongst all the up-cycling, sofas and lampshades, we came across several amazing pieces including:

A farm inside a shop:
This fantastic pop-up book by someone who I will definitely credit on here later on (but they were definitely an RCA illustration graduate)!
This exciting performance piece entitled The Non-Existent Knight by Giulia Pecorari in an exhibition site devoted to ways in which art and performance can influence the ergonomics of an office layout:
And possibly the best thing ever? Smoothie Machine attached to bike. Yum faces all round.
And a couple of other sights which I liked the look of around the pretty back streets of Clerkenwell and Farringdon:

The Hen - Do

The Wedding is nearly upon us - but of course, there are duties and traditions to be done first...Being the token gay sibling, I was invited along to my sisters hen do, which I had some creative input into - Club Tropicana in the front room, obviously...
Putting on a spread:
Butler in the Buff:
The Sisters:
The Hummer:
The Carnage:

Britannica: 1951 - 1953

The Selfridges Ultra Lounge has once again been turned into a fantastic mini fashion exhibition celebrating 50s style, curated by Judith Clark and her team: Britannica: 1951 - 1953. The simple but striking execution of the display is another brilliant reinterpretation of the space, and the pieces on show are [typically] meticulously considered for a Clark show.