Faithful Reader - its just turned 6:00pm and as I write, I'm sort of just readying myself for night shift number 2 of the latest Selfridges Windows install. The BIG BRITISH BANG is coming - full making of snaps to follow. 

Meanwhile, STUDIOGRABDOWN successfully completely a prop haul last night; fellow SGDer Poppy French and her mother went scouring in a van across all of London to pull various amazing objects and things for some of our latest shoots. Stay tuned - follow us on twitter @STUDIOGRABDOWN for the LOWDOWN.
Anyway, this weekend was mostly spent getting drunk, standing in Kebab shops and eating Vietnamese food at Mien Tay, Kingsland Road, before grinding my skinny ass amongst all the beards and the gays at Vogue Fabrics. How we swayed!

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