A Bristolian Based Window Display That Caught My Eye

Picture the scene: Poppy French and I driving and failing to park all over Bristol thinking of names to call our new company whilst at the same time, we keep seeing things we think we should be photographing at every traffic light stop and I keep failing to get my camera out of my horrendously overpacked bag in good time. This kept happening. A lot.

Thankfully, we got stuck behind a massive lorry outside the Freak Street Studios just outside of Bristol and so I was able to snap away at their quirky window display - which frankly, I love and goes to show that you can make something simple and poignant and effective out of the smallest of images and symbols and (probably) the tiniest of budgets:

Having never heard of Freak Street Studios before, I found the time to Google them just now and came across a load of great images of theirs on this Flickr page. Check em out.

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